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Al Ryeda Foundation provides consultancy, training, and services to business leaders and entrepreneurs with many administrative, financial, and legal consultations, and how to set strategic and executive plans, defined works and close follow-up programs.


Al Ryeda Foundation oversees the organization of training courses, human development and self development programs in cooperation with experts and specialists in the field.

Special Studies

Al Ryeda Foundation provides special studies in the most demande domaine like Audit, Training, Coaching , and many more.

Feasibility Studies

AL- Ryeda  Foundation for Services and Consultancy helps you to formulate andnarticulate project ideas and prepare all special studies and business plans before they are implemented.

Accounting Services

« Ryeda » Foundation puts accountants and experts who are interested in processing all your accounts and preparing the necessary financial and administrative reports according to the nature of your organization's activity.


The « Ryeda » foundation seeks to develop self-skills and personal skills by directly following trainees or service-seekers in their daily lives and their private and profit projects.

Technology Services

« Ryeda » organization seeks to implement the latest technology in its services and programs by relying on Digital transformation Technology.

Engineering Studies

AL- Ryeda  Foundation provides specific engineering consultations in the fields of mechanical, informational and architectural. And problem-solving in this area.

Market Studies

« Ryeda » Foundation helps you prepare and make a market study assessment and demonstrates the most appropriate timing to resume your project or activity.


« Ryeda » Foundation is providing training and rehabilitation services to meet future challenges and development needs. In addition, we offer training activities geared to the continuous development of individual and institutional skills.


« Ryeda » Foundation has an extensive experience in providing legal and internal audit services, risk management and support services and provides recommendations for appropriate decision-making.

Legal Services

We provides you with the legal briefing needed to manage your institutions and private projects and provides you with legal advice on institution dispatch, contract and transaction through examples of the best lawyers, accountants and industry experts.

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